Amongst The Sticks provides party catering services at any location, in your home, marquee, barn, or by the river or lake, we’ll be there! Perhaps you are unsure of the venue. We can make recommendations in-line with your budget, number of attendees and entertainment preferences. In fact, our party catering services encompass much more than food. Of course that is important but by using Amongst The Sticks we can orchestrate everything from décor to desserts. Our party planning is part of the offering. Hassle Free, Just Great Food and Friendly Service. Amongst The Sticks loves to deliver surprise parties but we never deliver a surprise bill. You will know what you are spending and we will eliminate the possibility of nasty surprises such as unexpected expenses that show up on the final bill but never appeared on the costing sheet. Stuart and Rachel can arrange everything (decorations, entertainment, accommodations, food and beverages, dessert – everything) and create an itemized account with all costs so you know exactly what the party costs. Imagine that, just ONE bill!

Amongst The Sticks party-catering services includes assistance in all aspects of your event. Allow us to coordinate any additional items and services you may need, such as tableware, linens and décor, specialty foods (vegan, gluten free), beverage orders, entertainment and detailed consulting for seamless planning and execution.

RESTAURANT - Summer Hours of Operation:

Friday Night, Saturday Night (Happy Hour and Bar Snacks 4pm to 6pm), and Sunday Lunch.

** Note - Additional Hours at the begining of January: Wednesday to Saturday Nights and Sunday Lunch

CATERING - All year round.

PLEASE CALL FOR RESERVATIONS AND CATERING ON 03 57773030 or Stuart 0429011171 | Email -